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Links to Articles
and Sites that were
used (or ignored!)
for this IA.


Microsoft's IA Thoughts
More Consumer Electronic Show Blathering
Consumer Electronic Show Highlights
ZD-Net Review of HP Sub-Notebook
The OS war
The Accountants Ledger - New Products
Macworld - Apple Redefines Itself
Fortune Magazine -
Fortune Magazine - Alsop IA

Manufacturers and Products:

Franklin (eBooks in Education)
Jornada HandheldPC
Hitachi's Tablet and Handheld PC's
Samsung's WebPhone
Nokia Wireless Lan
Palm Computing
Sony Electronics
Rocket eBook
Softbook Reader
Everybook's Dedicated Reader (two pages at a time)
Librarius' Millennium E-Reader

Geek Speak and Other Techno Babble:

Be Inc's foray's into the IA OS
Application Server Provider -IBM
Active Server Page - A Developers Language
ASP 101 - Developers Info Site
Bill Gates - Keynote Address at the CES
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