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What did you learn?
I learned that presentation on the Internet is very different than the traditional linear form of presentation and writing. I have been on the net for over three years and the only web design I have done was a simple one-page resume. Thanks to this class I have been able to conquer the fear and find out that web/non-linear presentation is just as easy to learn as any other type of application, it is just more complicated. I also learned that there were many aspects to non-linear presentation that I had not considered. In the typical dead-tree presentation, an outline with some notes is adequate for direction and organization. In a non-linear, outlines are useless. Complicated tree diagrams are more indicative of this type of presentation and also make construction more complex and esoteric. I have, in the past, been successful in other writing classes. Although it has, at times, been a difficult and stressful accomplishment, I have persisted. This class taught me that even writing could follow the changes in technology without loosing its integrity. Proper grammar and spelling are just as important. My last writing class (WRT200) contributed to this class by paring down my writing style. I had a tendency to write very long, complex sentences. Alan pushed my to simplify my writing without loosing my individual style. I found that helpful in a format that gives you just seconds to catch and maintain a readers interest.

How did you learn it?
I learned by listening to Doug, Walt, and other classmates. I also learned by paying closer attention to the sites that I visit to find out what I think works well and what doesn't. Riccistreets links were helpful and viewing other students' sites was also helpful. I found that trial and error worked well! Looking at other websites and just doing it. When it came down to the end, I found that the majority of my content pages were of very simple designs that allow someone to scan and pick out the information they need quickly. My intro pages were much more complex in design and construction but help to capture the interest of the viewer.

What could your team have done better? Does not apply.


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