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Welcome to Student Tips for Management !

Tips: Read the chapters as you go and pay attention to charts and sidebars! There are too many chapters to read while studying for the tests so keep up as best you can. During the week before the test (yes 7 days) carry the Study Sheets around where ever you go and bookmark them at work and home so you can drill these into your head. During the last few days before the test, read the chapter summary for each of the required chapters and refer back and read anything that still seems very vague (duh, if you are clueless about a concept - you need to read about it!) Last but very important. Use the publisher's website liberaly. The true/false and multiple choice questions are very useful for testing what you need to study more AND clarifying concepts and terms.


Prentic Hall Management Web Site - Click on Sylabus Manager to sign-up and your test results (along with helpful explanations of the ones you answered wrong will be emailed to you!

Any Questions? Email Me with Management in the subject line!