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Problem Solving

Perhaps the most common of all thinking activities is problem solving. From the time we wake up in the morning, choosing what to wear or what to eat, and throughout the day, deciding which route to take to work, what deeds doing first, second, what can be put off until tomorrow, we spend our whole day solving problems. As a result, as would be expected with such practice, most problem solving skills become automated, and we rarely think about them.

Learning to Learn

Liberal thinking is the most common thought process and fosters knowledge beyond training in specific areas and is how people approach problems.

Systems thinking is next most common type of thinking. A child searching for building blocks or chair to get the cookies is an example. It is the orgainization cause and effect but not necessarily rational

Rational thinking is unfortunately the least common unless insisted upon. How old were you before you began using evidence and logic, before or after 20?

Critical Thinking is similar to rational - attempt to eliminate the emotional aspect numeracy - knowing numbers and quantities This website is a vast knowledge database relating to problem solving and especially troubleshooting. As a special case in problem solving, troubleshooting is a very necessary skill for everyone and this site has fantastic resources for this aspect. on selling your solution to others. Even if you have gone through the steps and are sure of the solution you have come up with it is usually necessary to convince your peers, superiors, and subordinates on having the right attitude and bringing the right mindset to table. You must have clear dirction and be able to manage your environment,stress, health, and daily family problems before you can think clearly and rationally about a problem.
All these can and will affect thinking and performance
Creative thinking and the ability to stimulate the mind help to blend creativity with problem solving.

Quality of results
Quantity of solutions
Impact of results

The Power of the Pride Ian Thomas is a business graduate who has studied lions at close quarters during 20 years as a game ranger in Africa. Ian is one of South Africa's foremost speakers and wildlife photographers, and author of the best selling book, "The Power of the Pride". Mr. Thomas has some very interesting insights related to his extensive travel experience. Check out his section on 4x4 problem solving. This site discusses effective training of mind by coaching. Jerry Stein, the head coach, stresses structure, support, confidence, and the emotional needs of the team. Environment for effective and productive thinking problem solving. In addition to their library of resources, there is also an area of the site that is a co-creational database. This database works on the same level as open-source computer languages that utilize the special talents of many different people.